Charlestown, the oldest Boston neighborhood is having a July rental apartment lottery for people making at least $20,650 a year.

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Okay (very native) Bostonians. You know where you came from. Charlestown!!

Charlestown is the oldest Boston neighborhood. Africans been community building in Boston since 1638 but I don’t know where they started it. It’s under discovery.

The Boston London Puritans rode the Mayflower over, had babies, and exponentially seeded ancestral lines. 

The Bushes came from one of the sailors who had a baby at sea while enroute. He had 10 kids in 1620. The Bush family are descendants. It was a time when New Englnd land was free. 

HOMEGOING is a  great book!  No it is not about the Pilgrims and the Bushes but if you  read it, you may learn some things your ancestors may not have told you.

Win this apartment  lottery and you’ll live in Charlestown paying an affordable, reasonable rate we think.

Here is who pre-qualified a:

Note: This lottery is ONLY FOR APPLICANTS WHO MAKE MORE THAN 30% AMI but less than 50%! 1BR, 2BR, or 3BR.

 – 1 person household must make more than $20,650 but less than $34,350.

– 2 person household must make more than $23,600 but less than $39,250.

– 3 person household must make more than $26,550 but less than $44,150.

You’ll be able to file an application for these units starting July 8th and they must be returned by July 11th to the property manager.

Who is the property manager? — we will tell you as soon as the official application is available for the public.
By the way,this will be the fastest turnaround requirement for an apartment lottery we have ever seen!!! 


Hubway Bike Boston

Hubway delivers healthy transportation in the Boston area.

Hubway is here.

Grab a bicycles parked in the Back Bay, South Station or at dozens of pickup locations  and ride over to Cambridge, Brookline or Somerville and park it there.

Boston partnered with sneaker maker New Balance to invest in placing hundreds of hi-quality bicycles near intersections and public transportation hubs.

Hubway bikes are available in Boston, Brookline,  Cambridge and Somerville. The system relies on technology and GPS tracking devices to keep up with where the bikes are and you see where to get one with a smartphone app.

Hubway bike-sharing subscription charges are  $6 for a 24-hour pass, $12 for 72 hours, $20 for a month of use and $85 for a year.  You must register before you ride.  Once you’re in the system, you can buy 24-hour and 72-hour passes at Hubway bike pickup station that are equipped to dispense a key to unlock the bike from the rack. You’ll be charged a refundable security deposit of $101 for a short term plan.

Keys are mailed out to monthly and annual members within  7-10 days of sign-up.  Don’t expect to take a bike out and ride all day long. Hubway is designed for short trips lasting 30 minutes or overtime charges of $2 per 31-60 minutes extra will kick in.


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First Parish Quincy Ma

Trolley Tour rides of Historic Quincy are free till Sunday 4/24

Quincy’s John Adams life sized stature stands proud across the street from First Parish.

John Adams, Quincy MA
Quincy Visitors Center, City Hall and the Quincy Center Red Line  MBTA stop are there.
The main attractions are a straight 30 minute ride from downtown crossing down the Red Line.


Boston Apartments In New Building Announce Renters Can Apply. Applicants Wanted!

If I were interested in Boston for work or living, I would want to know where good rental apartment deals are at.

Well, they are here.

Today, all brand new rental apartment developments reently built announced their application period has opened.

CLICK to DownLoad the latest brochure and applictions instruction packages.

Locations are in most neighborhoods of Boston.

Brand new condos mark JP streets. Plus here are a lot of affordable studio apartments.

Well the photo says it all. Nostalgic, high ceiling affordable rentals on Centre street in downtown Jamaica Plain have been sawed up and converted to new houses (and condos) like this one for people making $200k-$400,000 annual income.

Look below the photo for cost relief. Brand new studios and apartments are entering the market at the listed addresses. Rents range from $900-$1,800 for Studio – 4BR units to income restricted households of  $20,000 – $65,000 income per year.

condo conversions


Renting studios

Renting 1BR – 3BR

Selling single family homes to income restricted households

See dates of openings and locations.
get full details in PDF data files here

March 19th for Upper Washington Apartments – new development.
April 19th for Brookline at 45 Marion Street Apartments
March 22nd for affordable apartments in Weston
April 15h for affordable residences at One Canal Street, Boston Center City
April 17th for affordable apartaments at 25-35 Morrissey Blvd
Open Waitlist for Poine Oakss Village, phase 1&II in Harwich Ma
Affordable Retirement Living available in Brighton
May 5th Deadline for affordable rentals in Braintree
Franklin has homes for sale for $165,000 each
Bradley Apartment Properties is renting on Shawmut Avenue, Boston
May 23rd deadline to apply for affordable MOSIAC apartments in Fenway
May 9th apartment rental lottery for new units in Norwood, MA
Date uncertain – Creative Landing in Somerville is holding a lottery for new apartments
April 15th – Trinity Village Apartments in Brockton is holding lottery for new units


$718,000 a room is the going rate to buy a Boston Hotel

Boston  has big balls!

Recently Boston’s Godfrey Hotel was purchased by a German investor group before construction was finished. Values of Boston real estate keeps the money rolling in. It doesn’t matter how much it cost because marketers can sell location and story to people who want to be connected to it. 

Consumers and businesses satisfy their needs by spending money on a Bostonian product and that makes a lot of Boston developments valuable. Located in Downtown Crossing, the hotel fetched $174m.

Before the sale, there was the Taj Hotel located in the Back Bay transaction transferring for  a million a room, raising eyebrows earlier in the year.

These events mapped Boston to the number three ranked hotel market in the country as 2015 winds down.

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We applaud the Obama administration for clean energy focus at #PARISAGREEMENT

Honor the Green Energy Movement
It may not feel like  much has changed since  President Obama and world leaders secured the most ambitious global climate agreement in history. 

I saw no parades in the city, no star-studded galas on TV and no peace loving marchers passing me by with pro-clean energy, no GMO chants and signage. 

That’s okay for were it not for the marcher’s activism, votes and pressure on the White House, climate change would have been been been smothered out by regulation banning lobbyists.

Copley Plaza Hotel

Day-use hotel rates now available in Boston at 30-70% off overnight rates.

Day use hotels are an experiment and likely to stick around like many parts of the sharing economy.  Hotels are like gigantic silos and the fuller they are the better for their bottom line. Enter the Day Use bookers. They get unsold hotel rooms and resell them to you.

Here’s a list of companies you can buy from.


more short term stay locations:
= = = = = = = = = = = = =  =
Hosteling International Boston,
private room w/Ensuite Bath $199.99
premium mixed dorm $64.99
19 Stuart St., Boston, MA 02116
TEL: 617-536-9455

463 Beacon Street Bed and Breakfast
TEL: 617-536-1302
463 Beacon Bed and Breakfast

more links
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HotelsByDay.comBetween 9 and 5




500 new apartments approved in Jamaica Plain for later occupancy.

As seen in the JamaicaPlainGazette newspaper online November 17th, 2015 article.

‘The Boston Housing Authority has designated Amory Partners, a joint venture of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corp., Urban Edge and The Community Builders, to redevelop 125 Amory St., a 215-unit public housing for elderly and disabled near Jackson Square.’

Amortization Street is adjacent to the Orange Line subway system  connecting the Forest Hills area to Copley Square.

One Hundred Eighty-Five of 509 total units will be the pricey market rate units and 345 will be the skinny floor plan workforce affordable type apartments.’

Stay tuned, there’s nothing to apply for yet as this construction rehab project just got greenlighted.

Landscape Plan

Affordable apartments intro

5 Boston Apartment Rental Secrets

MoveF Concierge is a service and referral source to individuals who seek to rent or purchase affordable homes in the city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts.  

We’re a direct response to the hundreds of requests we’ve received for apartment leads and lottery information. So finally we did something about it. In the past 60 days, over 150 individuals were sent apartment leads and lottery updates.

To get yours sign-up.

 We know thousands of individuals qualify for reduce price rents and deed-restricted mortages if only you knew that you might be one of them.

At first, moveF focused on long distance transfers by auto from Logan airport for people and groups going to any one of the 351 Massachusetts towns.

That business plan was adjusted  (and influenced by Uber) to a service that helps people move forward into affordable housing in addition to handling custom transportation needs. One recent transaction was supplying a step on guide to educate a 55-passenger bus load of Bostin Tourists.

And we became expert at helping people “move-Forward” into affordable homes, apartments or houses, in addition to booking advance transportation arrangements.
A chauffeur for Boston’s largest Lincoln Town Car limo company told us once that as he drives executives around town to and from meeting, many of them ask him about real estate deals and where the action is. So he became a licensed agent and it worked out well for him. He’s is still driving too.  
And I should say, he has a captive audience doesn’t he?  We will you book transportation as well whether you are an executive or anyone else looking for a deal.

For people in the housing market, we specialize in helping low, moderate and middle income earners access and obtain one of the many affordable housing units coming to market. 

We’ll let our chauffeur friend court those  rich execs, we’re sticking to grass roots.

  Here’s how to think about the affordable housing scene.
a) If your income is under $109,000, you could qualify for substantial savings on rents per month and you’ll be able to purchase $350,000 homes for about $100k less.

b) Federal financed affordable housing programs are available to EVERYONE who goes through a few mandatory first time homebuyer classes that are being taught everywhere. 

A place to read and learn about these programs covering 20 cities and towns in Massachusetts is this link:

c) The word Affordable means different things to different people. 

There are different classes of subsidies  and business model discounts. Government policy sets these standards and reduced speculation l maintains price stability. 

You may have heard the word deed restricted – that means you can’t flip the house for a profit overnight. 

You may have seen the word subsidized. Rising rents force poor people into homeless situations until government steps up to cover the difference between their contribution to rent bills and full price. If rent is $1,000 and tenant can only afford $300 then government difference of $700 to the landlord for that tenant. That’s subsidizing the tenant.

Subsidized housing comes in all colors and sizes. It not just for the very poor or the disabled. If your income is between $20,000 to $109,000 chances are, you may qualify for a housing subsidy.

d) Most Real Estate agents won’t tell you about the Affordable units on their books.


South End Skyline

it was a Beantown jazz festival day in the South End